Women's Esprit

Leader: Alycia Causey

What does it mean to be Christian women in the 21st century? Can anyone define the many roles that a woman fulfills in a day? We are mothers, we are daughters, we are employers and employees, we are whatever we desire to be, and most importantly we are servants to the Most High, Jesus Christ. As a woman, we are the melody that fills our homes. I once heard someone describe us as the tone setters. When we’re in a bad mood, the music is ominous and something like you would hear in a scary movie. When our hearts are light you can almost hear the notes of a joyous song in our voice. When our hearts are made heavy you can hear the music fall like rain all around us.

The many roles that we play also leave us in need of great strength and perseverance just to make it through it a day. To say the least, trying to balance these many roles in our lives is dizzying; draining is probably more accurate. In the Bible, Jesus tells of a woman who had lived a life that had drained her of all that she had. She had been divorced five times and was with a man that was not her husband. She was obviously searching for something; it seemed that she had failed at every attempt at finding happiness.

One fateful day she met Jesus while going to draw water from a well. Instead of going away from the well with a vessel made by man, filled with water, she went home with her soul filled with living water. This living water would remove her past of dry emptiness and fill her with love and joy made new everyday.

If you feel that like this woman, and all of your efforts to find happiness have left you empty, we invite you to come and be filled, as we find strength in knowing Jesus as our Savior and the Well that lives in our hearts to refresh us day after day. We pray, laugh, cry, and learn together.

There is a place for us as women in doing a work for Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you and your family and be the ultimate composer and song writer in every day that you live!

  July 2021  
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